Olympic Games London 2012 & UEFA EURO 2012

The Olympics are around the corner so what better time to promote your brand in celebration of this global event.

According to Promotional Products Association International (PPAI), the non-profit, international trade association for the promotional products industry, pins, shirts, hats and other promotional products will be as popular as ever as they are purchased, collected or traded in celebration of the 2012 Olympic Games in London.

Souvenirs celebrating London 2012 Olympics, the site of the 2012 Olympic games, as well as the team spirit of the participants from all over the world are hotter than ever.  Promotional products come in a variety of sizes, prices, styles and are a fun and effective way to market this major event.  Similar to branding a company, branding a world event can be done affordably with the use of promotional products.  They are a sure fire way to garner support and recognition of a team or event itself.  Accesories that are printed with the the Olympics logo are guaranteed to be used and passed on as gifts by fans who attended the Olympics or just want to have a piece of memorabilia from this momentous event.

We recommend whistlers, rattlers and wristbands for branding these sporting events.

Here are a few sporting gift ideas that we have hand selected and which you can personalise with your company logo or marketing message.  Please call 0161 669 4609 or email hello@brand-ahoy.co.uk with your requirements.


The inflatable marcacas! The SAMBALOON creates a samba sound when you shake it like maracas.  The product consists of a cardboard sleeve, balloon filled with rice and a plastic valve.  The balloon is hidden inside the sleeve.  By blowing air into the valve the balloon can be blown up.  A fun and effective product that can be used at various sporting events. 

Paint Flyers


Bring some colour to the world and paint your face by using the Paint Flyer.  One side of the flyer contains a coating of paint.  To use the paint, just wet your finger, rub across the coloured paint strip and apply the paint on your face.  The other side of the flyer can be personalised.  


Thunder Sticks



Also known as Thunderstix, Noisestix and Bang Bang.  Whatever you call them they make lots of noise and wave your logo everywhere.

MOQ is 1000 units.  There are lots of different customisation options available - please can for pricing. 


Wave Cape 

The Wave Cape is an item in sport related promotion.  Its unique design makes it an affordable and effective product for promoting your brand and supporting your team during any kind of game played in any stadium.  With the Wave Cape thousands of sports fans can support their favourite team at the same time by lifting up the cape when 'the wave' passes.  This creates an effect that you'll never forget!

Folding Binoculars


Made out of 300gm card, these Binoculars are sturdy, safe and a fantastic giveaway.  With a gloss laminate and topline printing, you can be guaranteed your designs will look fantastic.  This product is a superb add-on for sponsorship. 


Boogie Blaster

Make some noise for your favourite team with the mini Boogie Blaster also known as Vuvuzelas. The real African sound at the World Cup 2010 will have come from the Boogie Blaster.  This traditional fan horn will excite football fans around the world. Because of its screw on/screw off mechanism you can pack twice as many in a box. 

Fan Helmet

Get your ultimate fan gear on with the Fan Helmet.  Personalise it to your taste with football patches, spikes, devil horns, mini horns or warrior accessorie with the easy click on system.  Whatever style you choose, the Fan Helmet guarantees you the best fan support head gear at any sporting event.  There are loads of different customisation options with these products. 

Footballs Size 5


Printed Footballs Size 5, this full size football is suitable for a host of football related promotions.  These balls are 2 ply and made from PVC and come in a choice of 6, 18 or 32 panels.  The ultimate personalised soccer balls.  Price are based on up to 4 spot colour printing, complex or process print is possible subject to sight of artwork.  These branded footballs can be personalised up to 30 impressions, for example 2 colours to 6 panels would be 12 impressions. 

Sports Stress Relievers




Personalised Sporting stress toys, the stress torch flame is a symbolic Olympic item that has iconic status at the one and only games event every four years.  Celebrate the sporting event of 2012 and promote your company with these stress relievers.